Utah’s Red Canyon by Bicycle (downhill)

Take a bike ride down beautiful Red Canyon in Utah with host Brock Frazier on a 1995 Schwinn Classic Cruiser bicycle. This episode has the least amount of pedaling so far in the series.

TV Cycle #28: Utah's Red Canyon (downhill)
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Red Canyon in Utah by Bike

Utah’s Red Canyon is a really neat place with a nice bike path. Ride up the canyon with Brock Frazier on the 1995 Schwinn Classic Cruiser studio bicycle. It turned out to be more of a workout than expected, and the jacket had to come off.

TV Cycle #27: Utah's Red Canyon (uphill)
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TV Cycle at Ignite Boise 7

Take a ride through west downtown Boise, through downtown, and finally to the Egyptian Theatre with host Brock Frazier. We’ll also be showing a five minute presentation on passive television that was made at the Egyptian on October 27, 2012.

TV Cycle #26: Egyptian Theatre for Ignite Boise 7
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If you’ve ever wondered about the intent of this program, this special long edition (almost 27 minutes) of TV Cycle will be helpful.

St. George, Utah… …the Ride Back

Join host Brock Frazier on a nice ride between Bloomington Park and Crosby Family Confluence Park in St. George, Utah. This is the return ride from the prior episode of TV Cycle, with the same bicycle and rider.

TV Cycle #25: Bloomington Park in St. George, Utah
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Bicycle Riding in St. George, Utah

Join host Brock Frazier on a nice ride between Crosby Family Confluence Park and Bloomington Park in St. George, Utah. He’ll be riding the 1995 Schwinn Classic Cruiser (“Studio One”). It’s a nice, scenic ride on a paved path.

TV Cycle #24: Crosby Park in St. George, Utah
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Boise Tour de Fat 2012 Map

The route map for Boise Tour de Fat 2012 has been released. Here it is:

View 2012 Tour de Fat Boise in a larger map

The Tour is always a fun event, and this year should be no different. Here’s the official schedule for Saturday, August 18th:

9:00 AM – Parade Registration
10:00 AM – Parade Begins
11:00 AM – Main Stage
12:00 PM – Side Show
1:30 PM – Slow Ride
2:30 PM – Bike Trade
3:30 PM – De Finale!

Ann Morrison Park is located at 1000 Americana Blvd in Boise, Idaho. Be there!

I’m currently planning on shooting one or more episodes of TV Cycle that day. The parade route is on the short this year, but there’s so many people that getting on the other side of State Street probably doesn’t make a lot of sense anymore.

A precursor to TV Cycle was this video of Tour de Fat 2008. I’m in the Rickshaw and Brother Bob Crist is at my left for a chunk of the ride. TV Cycle viewers will recognize Bob as the logo bike rider on the show opening sequence.

Tour de Fat (Boise, Idaho) August 23, 2008
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That video is so old it was shot on video tape (digital tape, but still…).

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Show Producer Brock Frazier on Psychic Sheila’s Suga’ Shack

TV Cycle Producer Brock Frazier will be on Psychic Sheila’s show Friday at 8pm (Mountain time) on Treasure Valley Community Television (TVCTV) as the Guest and Musical Guest. There’s an Internet live stream of TVCTV available if you don’t have Boise cable service. None of TV Cycle is actually produced at public access station TVCTV, but it does air on the network on cable channel 11.

Here’s the Brock-related highlight clips. He is being assisted by Brother Bob Crist, who is familiar to TV Cycle regulars as the guy on the TV Cycle logo bike during the opening credits. Brock wrote and recorded the TV Cycle show theme, and wrote the two songs performed with Bob during Sheila’s show. Talk about TV Cycle and This is Ambient starts about seven minutes in. Warning: This is not passive TV!

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Boise State Broncos Football Tailgating

Take a night time bicycle ride around the Broncos Stadium parking lot at Boise State during the home opener against Tulsa on September 24th, 2011. It was a fun tailgating game night, and the Broncos won 41-21.

TV Cycle #23: Boise State Football Tailgating
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Your host Brock Frazier is riding the 1995 Schwinn Classic Cruiser.

Presentation Video from Ignite Boise 7

On October 27th, 2011, I presented the concept of passive TV (including TV Cycle) to the Ignite Boise 7 crowd at the Egyptian Theatre in downtown Boise. Here’s the five minute presentation video:

Passive Television: Light Jazz in a Death Metal TV Landscape
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Ignite Boise 7

Ignite Boise 7 was nice enough to have me out for a five minute speech about TV Cycle and This Is Ambient last night. Here’s a picture.