Greenbelt 36th Street Bridge Ride

There’s been a lot of work on the Greenbelt more recently along the 36th Street area of the Greenbelt, which is the area where the Ray Neef, MD Boise River Recreation Park will be in the near future. There’s the new bridge spanning between Boise and Garden City and new bridge over the canal on the Garden City side of the Thurman Mill diversion dam.

On this episode, we’ll be taking the 1995 Schwinn Classic Cruiser on the new bridge over the Thurman Mill canal, over the new 36th street bridge into Boise, and out to Veterans Memorial Parkway bridge. The bridge is crossed, and then the Garden City side is taken all the way to the Main Street Bridge. The ride ends just on the other side of the bridge, back in Boise on the old Bob Rice (“Right on the river, right on the price”) Ford parking lot.

TV Cycle #9: New Greenbelt Bridges
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It was quite windy that day, and the ride from the beginning to the Veterans Memorial Parkway bridge took far more effort than when riding the opposite way with the wind to my back.

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