About TV Cycle

TV Cycle is a passive television show where you ride along with someone on their bike, using the term loosely. Each episode is about 14 minutes long, and features a multi-camera view of the action. On occasion, we might deviate from the formula, but most of the time it’ll be a nice bike ride. Here’s a five minute presentation by producer Brock Frazier on the passive television concept and TV Cycle:

Passive Television: Light Jazz in a Death Metal TV Landscape
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What “bikes” will appear on TV Cycle? Could be a rickshaw, could be a tricycle, could be a surrey, but odds are it’s a bicycle. So hop on with us and go for a ride!

Here’s how a typical episode of TV Cycle works:
The bike and the ride to be taken are briefly discussed. The show theme is played. After that is done (typically before the third minute of the show starts), the show goes passive. The rider hops on their cycle and rides until a timer mounted on the handlebars goes off. They then dismount. These ride-along episodes of TV cycle use three cameras simultaneously. Here’s what an episode looks like:

TV Cycle #9: New Greenbelt Bridges
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The main view is from a camera mounted on the handlebars and facing forward. The top right view is from a camera on the handlebars that’s aimed at the rider. The bottom right view is from a camera mounted on the seat post.

There will also be special episodes of TV Cycle where there’ll be an interview, or perhaps some historical bike footage shown, rather than a ride. These are the exceptions though, and most of the time you’ll get to ride along with someone through the glory of TV. Thank you Philo Farnsworth!

You can watch TV Cycle online here at TVCycle.com or on the YouTube TV Cycle channel. The show can also be seen on Boise, Idaho cable channel 11:

  • Tuesday at 10:30am
  • Thursday at 8:30pm (repeat)

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