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Boise Greenbelt Rail Bridge - TV Cycle

Riding the Boise Greenbelt and Rail Bridge

Host Brock Frazier starts a ride at Ann Morrison Park in Boise, Idaho, crosses the river, takes a stretch of Boise River Greenbelt, crosses the river again on a 1923 rail bridge, and then finally ends the ride on the Boise Bench. Enjoy the ride.

TV Cycle #2 - Boise Greenbelt + rail bridge + bench climb
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The Greenbelt area is nice today, but this was not the case 40 years ago. Former Boise city councilman Bill Onweiler made a film in 1970 promoting the Boise Greenbelt concept. Here’s the video on YouTube.

This week’s TV Cycle ride starts in Ann Morrison Park (5:23 in the film), crosses a bridge that didn’t exist in 1970 (but is mentioned in the film at 5:16), goes along the north side of the river, then over the rail bridge (light colored in the film at 6:10), and finally up the bench (off camera, to the left).

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