Coker Monster Cruiser (Deluxe)

This week’s bicycle ride is with host Brock Frazier on a Coker Monster Cruiser. The Monster Cruiser may be the ultimate novelty cruiser, with 36 inch tires (that’s a yard!) and a matching giant frame. Getting on and off the bike reminds me of when I was kid and I got a new bike that was a little over-sized for me at the time. The added wheel diameter is all show, and it works. The world appears to love whoever is on this bike.

This is a the deluxe model with the Persons saddle, leather tool bag, and black paint with chrome fenders. The Deluxe model isn’t available anymore, but the Monster Cruiser can still be had from Coker Cycles. Newer ones claim to have improved rims, as well as a standard three speed hub. The earlier Monster Cruisers, including this one, are single speeds. To my knowledge, all Monster Cuisers come with a coaster brake and a front caliper brake.

The ride for this episode is on bike lanes in downtown Boise, down 8th Street, through The Grove, into Bodo, down Grove Street bike lanes, through a public sculpture, back through The Grove, and finally end on the other side of Capitol Blvd. from the Basque Block. Enjoy the ride.

TV Cycle #11: Coker Monster Cruiser Bicycle
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