Greenbelt in Eagle, Idaho

Ride along the Eagle Greenbelt beside the north channel of the Boise River in Eagle, Idaho with me, your host Brock Frazier. The ride starts on Eagle Island on the south side of the north channel, just west of Eagle Road. The ride continues across two bridges, into Reid W. Merrill, Sr. Community Park, under Eagle Road, and finally ends at a bridge blocked on one end by a fallen tree. The bicycle for this episode is my Dad’s GT Saddleback. For more about it, see Volume 1, Issue 5 of TV Cycle.

This ride was made possible by my parents, who gave up part of their back yard so that the Greenbelt could go through as it does today. Thanks Mom and Dad for helping make this enjoyable ride possible for me and everyone else in the community.

TV Cycle #6: Eagle, Idaho Greenbelt + Merrill Park
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This show is dedicated to my Dad (Allen L. Frazier), who passed away in 2009.

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