Schwinn Twinn Tandem Bicycle

Join Tony and Anita Williams for a fun ride through west downtown Boise to the Greenbelt, where their ride gets cut short by the Boise River claiming the Greenbelt. That happens sometimes in the spring when the river is at higher levels.

TV Cycle #13: Circa 1974 Schwinn Twinn Tandem
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The bike is a 1974-era Schwinn Twinn tandem. If you’d like to see an alarmingly similar bike in person in Boise, the Sun Ray Cafe (Hyde Park) has one hanging from the ceiling in the back of the restaurant. Same color, very similar condition.

The bridge they cross is the new 36th Street bridge. It can also be seen in TV Cycle Volume 1, Issue 9.

Schwinn Exerciser

Sometimes it’s snowy outside, and it’s not the best day for a ride. What to do? On this episode of TV Cycle, the answer is “exercise bike”.

TV Cycle #12: Schwinn Exerciser
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This 1960s Schwinn Exerciser, made in Chicago, is about as cool as an exercise bike gets in my opinion. It is the classic cruiser of exercise bikes. The Mesinger saddle on it is like what a cruiser of the time would have, and is mint from being indoors for over 40 years.

It does suffer from the primary stationary bicycle problem. It doesn’t move. During these early days of TV Cycle, this is not all bad. This footage for this episode was shot in 2010, making it the only episode that was successfully completed with the plastic mounts. As you may have seen in the premiere episode of this television series, the same mounts didn’t fair so well when on a rental Schwinn cruiser in Wichita, Kansas.

The music in the background is from some demo recordings by Matt Long of Lawrence, Kansas. You pretty much have to have music, TV, or something else in addition the bike. It doesn’t move.

Coker Monster Cruiser (Deluxe)

This week’s bicycle ride is with host Brock Frazier on a Coker Monster Cruiser. The Monster Cruiser may be the ultimate novelty cruiser, with 36 inch tires (that’s a yard!) and a matching giant frame. Getting on and off the bike reminds me of when I was kid and I got a new bike that was a little over-sized for me at the time. The added wheel diameter is all show, and it works. The world appears to love whoever is on this bike.

This is a the deluxe model with the Persons saddle, leather tool bag, and black paint with chrome fenders. The Deluxe model isn’t available anymore, but the Monster Cruiser can still be had from Coker Cycles. Newer ones claim to have improved rims, as well as a standard three speed hub. The earlier Monster Cruisers, including this one, are single speeds. To my knowledge, all Monster Cuisers come with a coaster brake and a front caliper brake.

The ride for this episode is on bike lanes in downtown Boise, down 8th Street, through The Grove, into Bodo, down Grove Street bike lanes, through a public sculpture, back through The Grove, and finally end on the other side of Capitol Blvd. from the Basque Block. Enjoy the ride.

TV Cycle #11: Coker Monster Cruiser Bicycle
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TV Cycle Presents “One Got Fat”

This week’s show is a presentation of the really weird bicycle safety film from 1963 titled One Got Fat. It’s a freaky, quirky film. Narrated by Edward Everett Horton of Fractured Fairy Tale fame (Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons), this odd film is… …well, what it is:

One Got Fat - monkey bicycle safety film (1963)
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The video is in the public domain, and the source file for this week’s episode was grabbed from the wonderful folks at

We’ll return to regular, less strange programming next week. Don’t ride like a monkey!

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Greenbelt 36th Street Bridge Ride

There’s been a lot of work on the Greenbelt more recently along the 36th Street area of the Greenbelt, which is the area where the Ray Neef, MD Boise River Recreation Park will be in the near future. There’s the new bridge spanning between Boise and Garden City and new bridge over the canal on the Garden City side of the Thurman Mill diversion dam.

On this episode, we’ll be taking the 1995 Schwinn Classic Cruiser on the new bridge over the Thurman Mill canal, over the new 36th street bridge into Boise, and out to Veterans Memorial Parkway bridge. The bridge is crossed, and then the Garden City side is taken all the way to the Main Street Bridge. The ride ends just on the other side of the bridge, back in Boise on the old Bob Rice (“Right on the river, right on the price”) Ford parking lot.

TV Cycle #9: New Greenbelt Bridges
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It was quite windy that day, and the ride from the beginning to the Veterans Memorial Parkway bridge took far more effort than when riding the opposite way with the wind to my back.

Curvy Sidewalks at Rivers End in Eagle, Idaho

Take a ride on the curvy sidewalks of Rivers End and Island Woods neighborhoods in Eagle, Idaho with host Brock Frazier on his Dad’s GT Saddleback mountain bike. Along the way, it looks like some people might have been getting prom pictures taken out in front of some of the fountains in Rivers End.

TV Cycle #8: Rivers End Sidewalks in Eagle, Idaho
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That odd humming/whirling sound you might hear during this show, particularly during turns, is from the knobby tires on the GT. It doesn’t have real knobbies, as they have a more road-friendly ridge down the middle, but they aren’t as smooth on the sides.

This show is dedicated to my Dad (Allen L. Frazier), who passed away in 2009.

Sandwich Saloon Karaoke

Join me, host Brock Frazier, on my 1995 Schwinn Classic Cruiser as Bob and I go on a bicycle ride to WilliB’s Sandwich Saloon in downtown Boise, Idaho USA for Karaoke on a Tuesday night. Bob is riding his Worksman Cycle Truck. This episode contains a lot of words, far more than normal. When two people are riding, they tend to talk. On this ride, we’re talking about some musical amplification equipment Bob owns.

We have no idea what those people were doing on the other side of the street in front of the Idaho capitol building along the way on April 5, 2011. From a casual rider’s view, it was odd.

The show ends with me singing the TV Cycle theme song at the Sandwich Saloon. I wrote and sing the song so you’d think it’d be easy, but apparently not. I butchered a line towards the end, just like real Karaoke!

TV Cycle #7: Boise Karaoke Night!
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Thanks to WilliB’s for their patience with we as I invaded their space with cameras and custom Karaoke video.

Greenbelt in Eagle, Idaho

Ride along the Eagle Greenbelt beside the north channel of the Boise River in Eagle, Idaho with me, your host Brock Frazier. The ride starts on Eagle Island on the south side of the north channel, just west of Eagle Road. The ride continues across two bridges, into Reid W. Merrill, Sr. Community Park, under Eagle Road, and finally ends at a bridge blocked on one end by a fallen tree. The bicycle for this episode is my Dad’s GT Saddleback. For more about it, see Volume 1, Issue 5 of TV Cycle.

This ride was made possible by my parents, who gave up part of their back yard so that the Greenbelt could go through as it does today. Thanks Mom and Dad for helping make this enjoyable ride possible for me and everyone else in the community.

TV Cycle #6: Eagle, Idaho Greenbelt + Merrill Park
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This show is dedicated to my Dad (Allen L. Frazier), who passed away in 2009.

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Island Woods in Eagle, Idaho on Dad’s GT Saddleback

Ride through the Island Woods neighborhood of Eagle, Idaho with me, TV Cycle host Brock Frazier. We’ll be on my Dad’s GT Saddleback bicycle.

TV Cycle #5: Island Woods (Eagle, Idaho) on a GT Saddleback
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This show is dedicated to my Dad (Allen L. Frazier), who passed away in 2009.

Brother Bob Crist + Boise Alleys + 1960s Schwinn Racer

Boise’s own Brother Bob Crist takes you on a ride with his 1960s Schwinn Racer through the alleys of Downtown Boise. Along the way, he takes a call on his cell phone and navigates between an SUV and a building.

TV Cycle #3: Brother Bob Crist + 1960s Schwinn Racer + Boise Alleys
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The statue in the intro is a small version of The Keeper of the Plains from Wichita, Kansas USA. The Keeper of the Plains is featured in the third episode of “This is Ambient”

Sorry about the extra shakiness on this episode. One of the mounts wasn’t quite all there, in fact I later snapped it while working on it. I’ve since built some new guest mounts so hopefully future guest rides will be smoother.