Show Producer Brock Frazier on Psychic Sheila’s Suga’ Shack

TV Cycle Producer Brock Frazier will be on Psychic Sheila’s show Friday at 8pm (Mountain time) on Treasure Valley Community Television (TVCTV) as the Guest and Musical Guest. There’s an Internet live stream of TVCTV available if you don’t have Boise cable service. None of TV Cycle is actually produced at public access station TVCTV, but it does air on the network on cable channel 11.

Here’s the Brock-related highlight clips. He is being assisted by Brother Bob Crist, who is familiar to TV Cycle regulars as the guy on the TV Cycle logo bike during the opening credits. Brock wrote and recorded the TV Cycle show theme, and wrote the two songs performed with Bob during Sheila’s show. Talk about TV Cycle and This is Ambient starts about seven minutes in. Warning: This is not passive TV!

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