Be a Rider!

Do you want to ride for an episode of TV Cycle? You probably can! Guest riding is a great way to share your bike ride with the Treasure Valley and the world.

Here’s what we’re looking for in season one:

  1. People who ride on streets
  2. People who are really easy on their bikes as they ride (no curb hopping, etc)
  3. People who really enjoy riding!
  4. People in the Boise, Idaho area

We don’t care if you ride all the time and win gold like Kristin Armstrong (although that’s awesome) or just seasonally. We aren’t concerned about what your cycle is, so long as it doesn’t have any sort of gas or electric assist on it.

We’re new at this, so the name of the game is “gentle”! In the future it would be great to get some mountain biking, free style, and/or BMX but at this point, we’re not looking to test the camera mounts and equipment any more than necessary.

Contact us through the Contact us form! The guest mount system still isn’t where it needs to be, but it’s improving. The show will be back open for guest riders when I have a better guest mount system in, tested and working.

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