Schwinn Exerciser

Sometimes it’s snowy outside, and it’s not the best day for a ride. What to do? On this episode of TV Cycle, the answer is “exercise bike”.

TV Cycle #12: Schwinn Exerciser
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This 1960s Schwinn Exerciser, made in Chicago, is about as cool as an exercise bike gets in my opinion. It is the classic cruiser of exercise bikes. The Mesinger saddle on it is like what a cruiser of the time would have, and is mint from being indoors for over 40 years.

It does suffer from the primary stationary bicycle problem. It doesn’t move. During these early days of TV Cycle, this is not all bad. This footage for this episode was shot in 2010, making it the only episode that was successfully completed with the plastic mounts. As you may have seen in the premiere episode of this television series, the same mounts didn’t fair so well when on a rental Schwinn cruiser in Wichita, Kansas.

The music in the background is from some demo recordings by Matt Long of Lawrence, Kansas. You pretty much have to have music, TV, or something else in addition the bike. It doesn’t move.

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