Brother Bob Crist + Boise Alleys + 1960s Schwinn Racer

Boise’s own Brother Bob Crist takes you on a ride with his 1960s Schwinn Racer through the alleys of Downtown Boise. Along the way, he takes a call on his cell phone and navigates between an SUV and a building.

TV Cycle #3: Brother Bob Crist + 1960s Schwinn Racer + Boise Alleys
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The statue in the intro is a small version of The Keeper of the Plains from Wichita, Kansas USA. The Keeper of the Plains is featured in the third episode of “This is Ambient”

Sorry about the extra shakiness on this episode. One of the mounts wasn’t quite all there, in fact I later snapped it while working on it. I’ve since built some new guest mounts so hopefully future guest rides will be smoother.

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