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Whittier Elementary to the Bench

Published on July 31, 2011 By Brock

Take a bicycle ride around Whittier Elementary in Boise, Idaho on the 1995 Schwinn Classic Cruiser with host Brock Frazier. The ride continues by Quinn’s Pond, across the new 36th Street Bridge and the Greenbelt, through Garden City and finally up the Boise Bench. Enjoy the ride.

Schwinn Twinn Tandem Bicycle

Published on May 25, 2011 By Brock

Join Tony and Anita Williams for a fun ride through west downtown Boise to the Greenbelt, where their ride gets cut short by the Boise River claiming the Greenbelt. That happens sometimes in the spring when the river is at higher levels. The bike is a 1974-era Schwinn Twinn tandem. If you’d like to see […]

Greenbelt 36th Street Bridge Ride

Published on May 5, 2011 By Brock

There’s been a lot of work on the Greenbelt more recently along the 36th Street area of the Greenbelt, which is the area where the Ray Neef, MD Boise River Recreation Park will be in the near future. There’s the new bridge spanning between Boise and Garden City and new bridge over the canal on […]