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Red Canyon in Utah by Bike

Published on September 25, 2012 By Brock

Utah’s Red Canyon is a really neat place with a nice bike path. Ride up the canyon with Brock Frazier on the 1995 Schwinn Classic Cruiser studio bicycle. It turned out to be more of a workout than expected, and the jacket had to come off.

Show Producer Brock Frazier on Psychic Sheila’s Suga’ Shack

Published on April 25, 2012 By Brock

TV Cycle Producer Brock Frazier will be on Psychic Sheila’s show Friday at 8pm (Mountain time) on Treasure Valley Community Television (TVCTV) as the Guest and Musical Guest. There’s an Internet live stream of TVCTV available if you don’t have Boise cable service. None of TV Cycle is actually produced at public access station TVCTV, […]

Whittier Elementary to the Bench

Published on July 31, 2011 By Brock

Take a bicycle ride around Whittier Elementary in Boise, Idaho on the 1995 Schwinn Classic Cruiser with host Brock Frazier. The ride continues by Quinn’s Pond, across the new 36th Street Bridge and the Greenbelt, through Garden City and finally up the Boise Bench. Enjoy the ride.

Boise North End Cycle Ride

Published on March 12, 2011 By Brock

This was a nice little ride on the 1995 Schwinn from Camel’s Back Park in Boise to 23rd and State. Along the way, travel through the Hyde Park area. Enjoy the ride. More about the Schwinn in the premiere episode of TV Cycle.