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Hyde Park in Boise

Published on July 31, 2011 By Brock

Take a video ride swooping in and around Hyde Park and then through the North End to the 23rd and State Street area. The bicycle for the week is the 1995 Schwinn Classic Cruiser (“Studio One”) and your rider is host Brock Frazier.

Greenbelt to the North End

Published on June 14, 2011 By Brock

Ride from the Boise Greenbelt to the North End with host Brock Frazier as he goes to meet up with the Twilight Light Parade ride end at the Sun Ray Cafe in Hyde Park. The event was held on Monday, May 16 as part of Boise Bike Week. The bike is “Studio One”, a 1995 […]

Boise North End Cycle Ride

Published on March 12, 2011 By Brock

This was a nice little ride on the 1995 Schwinn from Camel’s Back Park in Boise to 23rd and State. Along the way, travel through the Hyde Park area. Enjoy the ride. More about the Schwinn in the premiere episode of TV Cycle.