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Bend Old Mill District Bicycle Ride

Published on July 10, 2011 By Brock

Take a ride with host Brock Frazier on a windy and cloudy day in Bend, Oregon on a Univega Range Rover ES bicycle along the Deschutes River. The ride starts away from the Old Mill District, goes through that area, and then ends back where it started. The Univega doesn’t have a kick stand, which […]

Univega in Bend, Oregon

Published on June 26, 2011 By Brock

Ride through newer neighborhood streets in Bend, Oregon with John Sampson on his Univega Range Rover ES. It was a cold and wet spring day when this was shot, but worry not, the cameras all survived. That “swarming” sound you hear on the ride is the knobby tires on the bike. The beeping towards the […]