TV Cycle web site goes crazy!

If you happened to visit this web site sometime about June 2nd, you might have noticed an alarming amount of sound coming from the home page. Here’s what it looked like on one of my systems:

YouTube error with TubePress plugin for WordPress at
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That’s the sound of all ten episodes of TV Cycle present on that page trying to play at once! What happened was, without any changes on my end, YouTube started automatically playing all of the videos present, even though the software this web site uses (TubePress for WordPress) had clearly specified not to autoplay. I did apply a quick change to temporarily fix the problem, and since, YouTube has fixed the problem.

YouTube hosts every video of TV Cycle, and this saves me a TON of bandwidth. So, while this surprise problem with the show web site was caused unexpectedly by YouTube, don’t expect any video hosting changes anytime soon. I’m thankful to live in an era of cheap digital recording, editing, and yes, cheap web video hosting.


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