TV Cycle Timer

I shot a full episode a few weeks back, and it didn’t flow right. The problem was there wasn’t a real ending. The ride kept going until an abrupt end. No conclusion. I decided this could be solved with kitchen technology.

I picked up a temporary (and backup) electronic kitchen timer from the neighborhood Family Dollar store ($1 plus tax) and ordered a large display timer ($3.63 shipped) and a GPS handlebar mount for a TomTom ($2.25 shipped). Both are now handlebar timers. Here’s some pictures:

For the large display timer, I modded the GPS bracket so it was just a flat platform, removed the timer’s clip and ground off the clip mounting points, and then drilled holes in the timer and the bracket platform. Then I put four bolts in to connect the timer to the bracket, then reassembled the timer. It looked reasonably nice, but the timer no longer functioned.

I pulled the timer back apart and noticed that I had accidentally disconnected a wire to a battery connector. So, I soldered that wire back on, put everything back together again, and all was good.

The small timer had a threaded insert ($0.75 at the local hardware store) added by first taking the case apart. I was originally going to mount the insert into the clip that was on the back, but I accidentally broke the clip off while drilling. So, I melted a hole in the plastic and pushed the insert in the case. The bulge in the back of the case was sticking out too far, so I ground it down to a reasonable height. The insert was then attached through preexisting holes in the case with a twist tie. Finally, I put the case back together. This one is clearly not as clean of a mod as what was done on the large timer, but it works.

The big timer is bigger than I’d like, and the small timer has a smaller display than I’d like. The nice thing about the pair is that if the big one won’t mount, the smaller one attaches to any of the mounts I have. Now, the rider will know how much time is left on their ride, and they can dismount. Their TV Cycle ride ends as a ride should.


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