Making an Actual “TV Cycle”

I thought it would be fun to have a bicycle crossbred with TV for the show’s into sequence, and my friend Bob has a Worksman Cycle Truck.
Worksman TV Cycle (front view)
The tricky part was finding a two knob side tuner TV in a time when thrift stores won’t even take them for free anymore. I happened to see one in a junk pile outside a house being remolded, paid $5 for it, and hauled it home on my rickshaw. The TV is a 1988 GE.

The bike part was easy, however. Bob’s Worksman cycle truck is designed to haul a huge basket on the front. We cut a scrap board to size, and then mounted it to the frame just like the basket is. The TV was drilled to accept hooks, and the hooks were added to the board. Done.
Worksman TV Cycle (side view)
This actual “TV Cycle” serves no real purpose other than for the visual for the opening of the show. I’m sure Bob’s Worksman will be featured for a ride on the show (with the basket returned) sooner or later. It’s a really neat bicycle. The basket is fixed to the frame, which makes steering much nicer and cargo shifting much less of an issue. The bike also has a 20 inch tire in front rather than a 26 incher, so the basket can be larger.


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